Best dropshipping shipping plan

About Dropshipping Logistics Options:
Because with the development of international e-commerce, the international parcel business has risen rapidly. Many times the speed of logistics processing is very slow.
There are many kinds of logistics methods, and different products, different countries and other logistics options with different advantages. For Dropshiper, logistics options are very important, this affects your Dropshipping store, customers, facebook ad, and the relationship is very close.
Product categories can be divided into the following categories: general products, electronic or battery products, liquid or paste or powder products. The three types of products determine the important reasons why you use different logistics methods.
(Ordinary product: What logistics channels can be used, as long as the weight and volume do not exceed the limits of the logistics channel)
(Electronics, battery products: Because of the aircraft transportation, many logistics channels will reject them, so only some channels that allow the use of electronic products can be used.)
(Liquid products: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.; this product is difficult to get on the plane, so you need to use a special logistics method. And the weight can not be too large, otherwise it will be prohibited from security check at the airport.)
Calculation of international logistics costs:

  1. The volume and weight do not exceed the limit, and are calculated directly by weight and logistics price list.
  2. the volume exceeds the limit: Y = length * height * width / X; X is a quantity provided by the logistics company, each logistics channel is different. Y is compared to weight. Which one is big, the value is set to the weight, and then compared with the logistics price list.

The above calculation method is very troublesome. If you need to calculate, please contact your account manager to send you the logistics channel price list, and the logistics cost online inquiry address.
Recommended logistics channels: regional delivery plans;

  1. Dropshippinglite Packet: This is a logistics channel within our company, and commercial logistics cooperation in various countries. Not affected by the Universal Postal Transaction. The best choice for weights over 280g is the best alternative to epacket. And we have no compensation for the parcels that have not been delivered within the specified time, or re-delivered services.
  2. Epacket: This channel has many sending points in China, Shanghai epacket is the best. This is a lot of sellers choose logistics channels. However, he has a lot of unstable nature, so we recommend our Dropspinglite Packet. We mainly cooperate with Shanghai epacket. Most of its logistics time is 5-14 days. In the special period [China National Conditions] will be a few days later. .
  3. SF Express +: This is 10-16 days to the US logistics time. The price is a little more expensive than epacket, but it will be better and more stable.
  4. USPS: This is the USPS issued from China. The logistics information is displayed in the United States. The logistics time is generally 3-7 days. Very stable, but the price will be much more expensive.
  5. DHL: This logistics time is 3-7 days. Logistics costs are the most expensive. But it is the most stable and contains compensation and so on.
    The above is mainly recommended in the United States. Please contact your account manager for recommendations in other regions.
    We are happy to use the best and most stable logistics solutions for you.