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Your own brand

Make your product transportation more brand influence. You can use the company logo to personalize your package and showcase your brand to customers. We can also include marketing inserts in your packaging.

Remove Price Tags

Your customer will never know where you are sourcing your products, and how much you have paid for them. We keep your business sales strategy a secret from your supplier and your customer.

Vast Supplier Network

Save your valuable time looking for suppliers who can dropship and fulfill your special requests. With us, you can have easy access to more suppliers, so you can source more products at their best prices.

Order Consolidation

Easily merge your customer’s orders in a single package. So when your customer orders several items which can be bought from different suppliers, we combine them all into one elegant package.

Direct Shipping

Once order is ready, we ship it directly to your customer. With our reliable and global shipping partners, you can ensure fast and secure shipping anywhere in the world at very reasonable rates!

Dropshiping supplier Invoices

we could. Also if you have your own request towards invoice format, pls show us.
Our shopify app has been integrated and will automatically generate your order invoice

E-commerce is a booming and in-demand business today. When starting this kind of business, the store owners do it all. From fulfilling orders, responding to customers, managing your social media and a lot more.We know its really tiring and draining. As a professional fulfilment center, we are here to help you take back your life.We are Sourcing Agent and we work with Ecommerce entrepreneur- Shopify Dropshippers on finding products and contacting the manufacturer ourself also provide fulfillment service.

China. Aliexpress agent
Pricing completely depends on the product you’re purchasing and the volume you’re selling.
The larger your quantity the better quotes we can get from the suppliers. Shipping price highly depends on sizing and weight of the product. After the first call we will give you inside in the exact pricing for your product and situation.
Yes, we have our own IT development team to maintain our shopify app for a long time.Our cooperation is easier and smoother than normal AliExpress agent cooperation.