dropshipping And China virus impact

Virus And factory situation in China in February 2020

Articles on the website have not been updated in a long time.

It is already mid-late February, and we originally planned to start work in early February.
But we resumed the warehouse work on February 7th, and we could only use one epacket.
Other logistics methods cannot process orders, and can only process inventory products in warehouses
This time is the time when virus control is most stringent in China.
We are in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
All our highways, streets, and community entrances are blocked.There is a feeling of a prison on earth.The factory, traffic is stopped, and we have a warehouse downstairs.
Our district has a warehouse so we can start processing some orders.

Today is February 26.
The current situation in our city, traffic is normal, and domestic logistics is restored by 65%.
The factory is restored by 50%.
International logistics resumed 85%.

China’s virus control situation in March is expected to:

Only Wuhan Province can’t recover temporarily.
Other regions should be able to recover more than 85% by mid-March.
So in early March many factories are processing orders before.
And the speed of personnel recovery is still relatively limited.
Because the Chinese government needs to control personnel in some areas.

My personal suggestion:

  1. Communicate more with your suppliers or agents to understand the situation of the products.
  2. Dropshipping orders on AliExpress, first suspend the automatic processing of the app.
    Check with the seller before turning it on.
    Because most factories have insufficient inventory.
  3. For logistics channels, you need to choose your agent after more testing.
  4. For the dropshipping black swan incident, this was really sudden.
    If you win the product, it is recommended that you prepare inventory at the agent warehouse.

At last:

This battle between humans and viruses is not over.
Need to observe more international situations.
For example, the virus situation in Italy, Japan, and South Korea is currently very bad.
There are some restrictions on Facebook advertising.
Finally, I wish everyone good health and good business

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