What payment methods do you accept?

wire transfer 

you can use your own bank wire transfer to us, and also support revolut, wise, wire transfer.
Our bank card information supports individuals/companies, and you need to contact Your agent to obtain bank information. Provide a screenshot to the deputy colleague after completion.
Handling fee: USD 7-35 each time.
Processing time: 1-3 working days. Most will be completed within 1 working day
Recommended use: revolut, wise

The credit card

Credit card payment is allowed, and each payment cannot exceed $5,000. After confirming the invoice, contact your agent and it will create a credit card payment url for you,It is 2% per payment.

Dropshiplite wallet RECOMMEND

Our system will automatically create a wallet for you, and all funds will go through the system wallet. In the wallet you can clearly check all the fund transactions. Every time you top up the excess funds, the funds are refunded. The funds of recommended customers will all enter the system wallet. The system wallet is calculated in U.S. dollars.


Credit/Debit Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Boleto/Online Transfer
According to the specific country, there are different suitable selections, and other payment methods, the handling fee will not exceed 3%


Paypal is allowed to pay, and the payment fee is almost 2%. Payment can be completed immediately. We arrange to start processing fulfillment orders. The payment limit cannot exceed USD 5000 each time


Alipay currently only supports RMB transactions. Need to contact the agent to provide the collection account.
Handling fee: 0.
But generally only support Chinese