What is china post epacket?

What is China post E-packet?

What is epacket shipping?

E-packet is a top student under China Post Group, China Post is China’s largest logistics company (Chinese state-owned company). epacket is an optimal channel below it. But there are also many shortcomings.

Advantages: many shipping countries, large shipping, cheap prices, excellent logistics channel solutions in the destination country, support for parcel return to China, and strict volume demands. Each city in China has different air ports.

Disadvantages: Due to the price advantage among many logistics channel choices in China, it is the favored transportation channel for retailers in China, and the channel is heavily jammed during high seasons. Most can only use products that do not contain equipment. Only epacket-supported packages in southern Chinese cities contain electronics. The order season is severely unstable. If it is cosmetics, paste, powder, this type is generally not supported, but you can try to send it, it may be detected by security inspection. weight restriction.

If you choose epacket:1. Common products are sent from Shanghai / Beijing epacket, which can minimize the stay time in China. These are the two largest airports in China with the largest number of flights.2. Electronic products: From the cities in southern China, the logistics time will be 1-3 days slower than the above.3. It is recommended not to use it from November to February of the following year. Because this is a time when Chinese vendors send a lot of packages. So cheap choices will give you a lot of bad user experience.

How to track epacket?

You can check it at 17track:https://www.17track.net/en
You can also inquire at China Post:http://ems.com.cn/english.html

What is epacket shipping?

We currently use the epacket channel for common products used for dropshipping: most of the North America in the United States is 7-14 days, and the fastest in the Netherlands is 4-8 days. Europe is generally 7-12 days. But the premise of these is not the peak season of Chinese orders.

Other better shipping options

Logistics is the most important for dropshiper.
So we are connected to most of China’s logistics providers, they have different advantages in different countries and different products, epacket is not the only choice.
For specific options, please contact your dropshipping agent