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We take care of virtually everything for you

Dropshippinglite.com - One-stop Dropshipping Fulfillment solution for E-commerce.Helps You Source & Ship ANYTHING From China

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Dropshipping agent shopify app

Shopify APP+Auto

developed DropshippingLite APP for you to save much time and money with its ONE-CLICK order feature, and tracking numbers can be uploaded to your store automatically.CSV is inefficient(Not recommended)

DropshoppingLiet App





Dropshipping agent brand building

Brand Building

We work with the factory to customize your logo product, your packaging. Your product will be kept confidential.

Custom brand service

customized product for dropshipping

Custom packaging for dropshipping

Video photo shooting

Your own invoice

Confidentiality of your product

dropshipping fast shipping

Fast logistics optimization

We work with almost all of China's major logistics companies and work directly with China Post Group. Different fast logistics solutions for different countries

Quality logistics solution

US, European virtual warehouse

China Post Group quickly processed the channel. (epacket...)

The logistics information is displayed on the same day.

Look at me! I catch Dropshipper' attention nicely.

About us

About our company.

Our company name is ‘Nei Shi’ (Chinese name), English means nice. We want to give Dropshipping a very Nice service nature company.Our group companies have more than 15 years of experience in serving traditional export industries. We have experience and a young and dynamic company.

our dropshipping service team.

Business and Purchasing Team: We have over 15 years of experience in serving customers in China in Yiwu Market. Most of the team's employees have more than 8 years of experience, and the products that appear in dropshipping are highly sensitive. We have cooperation resources for more than 800 factories. From making goods to packaging...IT technical team: Solve cumbersome process problems for customers. Simple and efficient.Logistics team: Data analysis provides better logistics for customers' orders.Warehouse team: product quality inspection, scheduling storage, excellent system can be quickly processed

Where is China dropshippiingLite:

Where are we? we are in Yiwu, China, and Yiwu Market is the world's largest wholesaler market.We are here.

Record the information shared by the dropshipping agent. Help you(Dropshoper) better understand this market, as well as some rules, tricks, etc.
Dropshpping Agent _ Bowen
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